Little House on the Prairie?

The “dress” I’m wearing is actually a skirt…a REALLY long skirt. So I decided to make it a dress…my own special “no-sew” version ;). I love the fabric…I feel all “Little House on the Prairie” in it with its little pink flowers on a creamy white background. And F21 denim vest with the “sleeves pulled off” look??? How is that Little House on the Prairie??? I like that it makes me look a little tough when I wear it…(so does that make me Nelly Olsen?) plus it has bling (you can never go wrong with a little bling!). I dressed it all up with my Geoxx (!?!) creamy suede boots which I can only wear if the sun shines (in YVR that’s almost NEVER) and tossed on some Designs by Shelagh turquoise to tame the waistline of the “dress” (since it didn’t have one!). That’s also a great trick for billowy blouses that make me feel more billowy than I’d like BTW…oh, and the fringe purse is an ancient purchase from Nine West (mine’s black…it also came in Turquoise and I DIDN’T BUY IT TOO…just a tad bit of shopping regret on that silly decision!).

Oh…and my felt hat??? (which I just found out you’re not supposed to wear after Easter?!? or only for special occasions) just won me two VIP passes to the Calgary Stampede Chuckwagons in their Cowboy Hat photo contest over on Twitter (THANK YOU SO MUCH @CSChuckwagons !)…so much for following the rules…that just reinforced that anything that starts with something like “you shouldn’t wear this after this date/age” is one to be TESTED! FYI this was the photo that won..

Have a wonderful weekend Y’all! I’ll be cookin’ up a storm as it’s my Dad’s birthday and we have Canada Day goin’ on as well. Look for the food report over on Instagram- urbancountrystyle




5 thoughts on “Little House on the Prairie?

    • I tried belting the “dress” too, but it just looked like a skirt worn as a dress then…if that makes any sense…Lol. But that’s likely the cut of mine as it was very “billowy” even as a skirt and belting it made it awkward around the bodice.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

  1. For the record as I’ve learned it, Cowboy etiquette dictates that a felt hat may be worn all year round- but if your’e breaking out the straw hat, it’s after Easter and you put it away (in theory) after Labor Day.

    • Lol…I usually wear my straw hat when I’m floating in the pool so here in Canada it’s definitely away by Labour Day! My black felt hat is my favourite hat so I’m not going to restrict myself when I can wear it 🙂 Glad to know I’m not such a fashion rebel after all! Thanks Jenn!!!

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