London Britches

Yes, I’m off again! Yes, I’m headed to London, again! Yes, I’m happy to be shopping going there…but that means the blog will suffer a little while I’m gone 😦 . I’m sure Y’all need a rest from my boots anyway, right?! Lol

But you know what’s new since I was in London last year? ???

INSTAGRAM! I’ll be posting my mini blogs and interacting over there, so I look forward to y’all joining in on the fun! If you don’t IG then just hit the IG link in the column on the right and Statigram will let you follow along via that link!

And if I get a second to post while I’m there I will…but odds are…NOT. So head on over to IG and share pics with me…urbancountrystyle !

OK. I’m off!!! I’ll be zipping up a really empty heavy suitcase in the morning and I need my beauty sleep 😉

Have a great week Y’all! And when I get back it will be time for #StampedeSuzie !!!




6 thoughts on “London Britches

  1. Ahhhhhh…I remember when you were in London last year. I believe it’s when I first found your blog, cause I was in awe of the woman shooting photos of random woman on the streets. Hip hop hooray! 🙂 I hope you have a blast. Wish I did the whole instagram thing so I could ‘come along..’ :Have a great time!!

    • Thanks Cheyenne! I’m home now but it was a blast…there and gone in 5 days so it was a little whirlwind but tons of fun. Sadly, I was truly not impressed with the street style this year! The weather wasn’t particularly nice and it appeared most were dressing for comfort over style 😦 And if you don’t Instagram but want to follow along with my feed, you can click the widget at the right that will lead you to the portal via statigram 🙂 Have a great day girl!

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