Where the Heck Am I?

BTW…this Designs by Shelagh creation/purchase  was the highlight of my Calgary Stampede

I’m sure Y’all are wondering…where’s Suzie??? Well, at least in my egotistical mind (not really, but kind of) I’ve been thinking Y’all are wondering that…WELL…I’ve been hard at studying for a Chemistry class that I must finish before August 08th. And…that sounds easy…until you realize that up until a couple of days ago I hadn’t done more than one assignment and one lab!!!

So, until I finish this quest…I’m effectively cut off the internet (the Mr. is a MEANIE! lol). But Pssssst….. Instagram still gets little mini posts, so if you really want to know what I’m up to during this trying period… follow along over there…I’m urbancountrystyle .

In the mean time…wish me luck…with less than 10 days to finish…I’m going to need it!

Until then…




14 thoughts on “Where the Heck Am I?

  1. Love the necklace Suzie & good luck studying! I’ve been loving your Instagram posts & meals especially!

    • Thanks Raquel! I’m going to need all the luck I can get. This course is KILLING me! But I do find it interesting once I understand a concept so that keeps me motivated to learn more.

      And that necklace is GORGEOUS, but I’m having Shelagh restring it longer so I cannot wait until it arrives for me to showcase it in person on here or on Instagram…which BTW thanks for following on there…I love your posts too!

    • The labs aren’t killing me, it’s the physical chem/quantum theory stuff that’s making me NUTS…but it’s starting to sink in (big shock to me) so I’ll just keep pugging along. Thanks for the support Brandy!

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