Finally Fall!

UPDATE on the  changes:

I FEEL REALLY SILLY…a big announcement about big changes on the blog and then I leave you all hanging for a month! Well two things occurred that prevented me from fully carrying through on those changes. First up, I received emails asking me to NOT change things up too much! This really surprised me, by the way. And second, we were on our annual “use up the flight pass” travel run (San Fran, Napa, and Vegas) so blogging ANYTHING became virtually impossible. Only those folks on Instagram/Twitter/and sometimes Facebook (that FB thing is a whole other story) got to see what I was up to (and even then it was just one iPhone quality pic at a time). But things are back to normal so now I’m officially back to the blog! I’ve decided I will implement the changes SLOWLY so that I don’t drive away those who have faithfully followed along with UCS (although I promise you when things do get switched up, and they will, the basic philosophy will stay the same).


I swear this is my favorite time of year! Crisp clear mornings, leaves rustling (yet still on the trees to provide a riot of color and sound), and an abundance of fresh produce as harvests happen all around us. It always inspires me to fix the table up with the bounty and cook up a storm! And if I’m going to put all that work in in the kitchen, I want my table decor to showcase all that hard work and food love to a maximum. On that note, this was last night’s dinner table:

Happy Fall Y’all! May you enjoy the bounty of the harvest and when you do, please thank our farmers and ranchers for feeding us!

From my house and home to you and yours!




8 thoughts on “Finally Fall!

  1. I agree with Cheyenne, everytime I see your home decor pictures, I just say… wow. UCS will be wonderful with the new additions as I know it will still evoke the suzie style we’ve come to know and love all the way along!

  2. Egads! I would like to transfer that image into my home. So awesome.

    Glad you were seeing some sights…

    Hope you are well and no matter whether the blog looks different—or is much the same—I’m just happy you’re back. Can always use a little UCS to feather my soul.

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