Dog Days of Summer

Maxi Skirt-Winners; Denim Jacket-Thrifted; Tee-Gap; Belt-Thrifted; Purse-Michael Kors; Boots-Gucci

Here in BC, summer has decided to make a comeback for a while longer. And I mean full on summer heat with days between 25C-30C in the mountains for goodness sake! I’m coping with these dog days of summer by sneaking in a piece or two of my new fall purchases into my ensembles. And it looks like we have this weather for at least another week! By the end of it, I know I’m going to be the only fool wandering around in cashmere sweaters because I just can’t wait for the days to get cold enough to wear them. That’s me in a nutshell…impatient! I love fall…I want it to make a come back!




10 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer

  1. Great outfit Suzie. I love fall fashions but I love a warm fall even more, so I will for- go a layer or two for the sake of the temp anyday 😉

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