I’m not QUIET…


London Britches

Yes, I’m off again! Yes, I’m headed to London, again! Yes, I’m happy to be shopping going there…but that means the blog will suffer a little while I’m gone 😦 . I’m sure Y’all need a rest from my boots anyway, right?! Lol

But you know what’s new since I was in London last year? ???

INSTAGRAM! I’ll be posting my mini blogs and interacting over there, so I look forward to y’all joining in on the fun! If you don’t IG then just hit the IG link in the column on the right and Statigram will let you follow along via that link!

And if I get a second to post while I’m there I will…but odds are…NOT. So head on over to IG and share pics with me…urbancountrystyle !

OK. I’m off!!! I’ll be zipping up a really empty heavy suitcase in the morning and I need my beauty sleep 😉

Have a great week Y’all! And when I get back it will be time for #StampedeSuzie !!!



Thank a Farmer!

I woke up this morning with nothing in particular in mind to blog about, then I watched this and it put the biggest smile on my face!

If you have a blog, a twitter account, a facebook page they’ve asked for everyone to share this. Let’s make it go viral so that more people appreciate who feeds us every day!

Remember, there is No Food Without the Farmer!

Have a great day Y’all!



SocialSavySuzie – Instagram

Yesterday I posted about recaps I had done on my 2011 year via Facebook and Instagram when it occurred to me that many people do not know what Instagram is. Well, it’s one of  my new favorite stay-in-touch tools that allows me to take photos throughout my adventures/travels/day and post them to a photo feed (with a few comments) that you can subscribe to and comment on if you download the app and follow along. It’s a unique way for me to update you (it’s like a little mini blog post with pretty pictures and I love it because it takes me just minutes so I can stay in contact more often). You need an Instagram account (a free app on a smart phone) but you can also follow along via Followgram, a web-based format, once you have an Instagram account. Don’t worry, if this is all too much for you and you have a Facebook account I  automatically post my Instagram shots to there and Twitter, but if you don’t have either of those two social media tools in your SM arsenal, then Instagram means you won’t miss out the fun 🙂 . Here are a few samples of my photo journals:

So, if you like the blog photos and posts but they don’t come often enough for you,  you can now catch up with me throughout the day for my little mini blogs by following along on Instagram (just search urbancountrystyle once you join) and then enter the feed via Followgram for those times when you don’t want to find your phone. It’s easy and fun. Join me, won’t you?

Can’t wait to see you over there!


SuzieSocialSavy 😉

Be Your Guest? Yes please The Farmers Trophy Wife!!!!

I remember a couple of years ago, as I was absolutely ignorant of the blogging world, out of the blue one Saturday morning the Calgary Herald landed on my doorstep with an article on The Farmer’s Trophy Wife. Well, I was intrigued, enthralled, and turned into a semi-cyberstalker of hers overnight! I subscribed and followed along, commented often…SOOO often that I began to think (and I’m sure she did too), “Suzie, just start your OWN blog!”. So with great fear and excitement last year I did and Cathryn, affectionately known to me as FTW, was not only my inspiration but she also managed to be an amazing supporter as she has always been generous with sharing her readers and friends with me over this past year.

So…with that little bit of background…you can imagine how loud I squealed when FTW asked me to Guest Post over on her blog following the birth of her new baby girl. And… today’s the day she’s running my post (it’s a list of my TopTen must haves). I’d love it if you’d go over and take a minute to check it out and give her and her family a huge congrats on the arrival of their sweet Frances Dolly. And…if you take another minute to subscribe to her blog, I know you will not be disappointed. She’s my blogging hero and if she isn’t already, I’d love it if she became yours too!!! OK now click here to head on over there.

Thanks again FTW!!!!