Langstons’ Dingo Boot Giveaway Look of the Day-Keepin’ it Simple

Jeans (my closet, similar here); Belt (Ariat from Langstons); Boots (Dingo from Langstons); Jacket-Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply; Bag-TOTeM

What a whirlwind week it has been. We’ve been in London for 2 days, Edinburgh for 3, then 4 nights over on Loch Lomond that included day trips around the Cowal Peninsula to Tighnabruich, Dunoon, and Loch Fyne Oyster Bar. The weather has ranged from glorious hints of sun along with fresh snow at the top of Rest and Be Thankful pass (so named because in the 1880s passengers in 2nd and 3rd class had to get out of the coaches and push the 1st class passengers up the hill) to pouring rain and wind. Throughout it all, cold is the norm and bundling up is necessary.

sheep dotting the hillside at the top of Rest and Be Thankful

Kilchurn Castle in Argyle

Our home away from home on Loch Lomond (Cameron House)

So, with the challenging weather and landscape this outfit has been a variation of my mainstay look for this part of the country (which is thankfully very casual). And these sweet little Dingo boots have been a God send as I’m getting tired of tall boots with jeans on EVERY woman I see  (along with denim shorts and black tights with ballet flats…they are EVERYWHERE) which is always my cue to move on with any new purchases.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have tall boots with me too, but I prefer to wear them with a sweater dress and textured tights. So if you’re wanting to add new boots to your wardrobe, my money is on short boots this year (and an impromptu SuzieSurvey in London tells me THEY are the new direction for boots).

Remember, if you want to WIN A PAIR OF DINGO BOOTS FROM LANGSTONS.COM, scroll down to the previous post and enter using one of the multitude of ways! You still have two more days 🙂 and if you want 15% off your purchases at Langstons until the 21st use the code urbancountry !




Gone But Not For Long

Sorry I promised you I would let y’all know where I was going but things got a little crazy before I went away and this is the first chance I’ve had to post an update as I’ve just been having too much fun. You see my sister planned a 50th birthday party in Mexico for her husband and a whole bunch of us came down to help celebrate. We’re in Cabo and I must say so far it’s been a blast! I love the long lazy days by the pool then getting dressed up every night and heading out for dinner. I may never come back! Just kidding…we’re home Friday when we will return to our regularly scheduled programming. Until then, if you don’t follow on Facebook or Instagram you will have missed the mini posts I’ve done over there.

This was this morning’s sunrise…
And here’s a little collage of a couple of the outfits I’ve chosen for the evenings…

Have a wonderful day everyone!




I’m leaving you!

Yes, I am leaving y’all…but only for a couple of weeks! You see, the Mr. and I booked a last-minute trip to Europe and we head out on Thursday. That means I have two days to organize myself, pack, and relearn Italian! Yes, at one time I was not too bad at conversing in the language, but it’s been 8 years since I’ve really used it so who really knows what’s left in my head until I get there :/ . And to be honest, I can’t see myself doing too much blogging while there…

BUT, I will be updating Facebook occasionally and tweeting. However, if I find free wifi, my phone is capable of a blog post so if it can happen and you want to be first to know either subscribe to the blog [see the little UrbanCountryClub join button at the top right of this page?],  or “LIKE” me on Facebook [which I really hope you do because, in comparison to my blog and twitter followers, I’m a Facebook loser 😦 ] . And if you don’t Facebook but you do tweet, then please feel free follow along on Twitter. Or all three :)!

OH, and did I forget to tell you where we’re off too? Well first up is London for 4 days,

followed by Venice for 4 more [here’s the last time I was in Venice]

then we end up in Paris for 5 days [and I really hope the hubs has sharpened up on his French because I seriously suck at speaking the language…sorry to all my French readers and most especially to my friend Claire].

I’ll really miss y’all! Really…

Until next time take care, stay cool if you’re in one of North America’s hot zones, and warm if you’re not!

Ciao Rigazzi…ci vediamo!



Yes, Suzie Salmon was in Vegas! Did you see me? 😉 [I’m thinking I should have a “Spot Suzie” contest one day, yes/no? during the Calgary Stampede?]

But I digress!

So, you know what they say, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!”

WELL…I’m sorry!!! But if you’re going to ride a mechanical bull on your wedding day…in your wedding dress…in public…at my favorite bar in town (Gilley’s)…that definitely does NOT stay in Vegas! NOPE…you get to be a Bride on a Bull on a Blog!

And when you fall off? That’s right…you get to be Bride OFF a Bull on a Blog!

Now, since I’m tellin’ stuff I shouldn’t tell and some people wanted to know…these may have come home with me

And since I asked The Farmer’s Trophy Wife and she approved…I may own these too 😉

And these

And this…MK himself signed the back with his autograph…just for me  and 30,000 of his other loves with XOXO. I know last week I said I love Joe, but I’m fickle…this week I ❤ Michael…Kors that is!

And while I’m loving life…I may have found my new favorite drink [a cucumber/herb/pepper martin at B&B in the Venetian’s lowest level below the canal]…ask Eric THE bartender…he made some kind of herb and peppercorn simple syrup and I bet if you’re down there and you said “Suzie-Salmon-from-Vancouver-who-always-eats-the-gnocchi-with-the-ragu-that-usually-only-comes-in-appetizer-portions-but-you-always-make-the-kitchen-make-her-a-main-size-portion” sent you…I’m sure he’ll make you one too! Seriously, he has a memory like a steel trap and never misses on knowing what I want before I even sit down!

Soooo that’s Vegas…well, all the Vegas I can tell you about that is ;)!

And for now….I’m home…FOR A DAY…before I head out to Calgary to have my Chelsea Bean do my hair! (Bangs or no bangs, I still have no clear consensus???) Yes, I’m going to Calgary to get my hair done! Because Chelsea is THE best!!! AND there’s also that Sheleen and Cor Plus Four birthday bash for all my fave great nephews while I’m there ;). Can’t wait to share my next adventures with y’all. I have internet access throughout my stay so I’ll be able to keep you posted regularly. I’m sensing this will be more of a fashion/hair kinda blog experience for the next weekISH or so [Yes/No???].

Love and Safe Travels to Y’all!

See you on the Blonder side…with or without bangs!


And I’m Off

Well the Salmon family has been so busy and stressed over all our “little” construction projects that I decided we need to get out of town! And in my usual style, not much notice was given to the Mr. that I booked flights to Vegas. We’re in the lounge now waiting to take off. Not sure if I’ll get a post written while I’m away. If not, I want y’all to know I’m checking in with the WordPress iPhone app to respond to comments, and if you follow me on Twitter @UrbanCntryStyle I’ll be updating you on the fly! I promise I’ll tell you everything ;). Go ahead, ask me what’s up?

For my Canadian people happy May Long (Victoria Day) Weekend! I’m taking an ExtraLong May Long :). For my US friends, there is a Suzie invasion about to take place on the shoe stores of Vegas :).