Cornucopia Casual

I’m up in Whistler without my good camera to pull off a photo shoot. Normally, I’d just Instagram  (@urbancountrystyle) these moments but I feel like I’ve been cheating on my lil ol’ blog lately, so if you forgive me the iPhone shots I’ll share my Whistler Cornucopia outfit of the day with y’all! (If you’ve never been, Cornucopia is a wine-food-and sometimes vodka 😉 tasting extravaganza about town that runs all this weekend). If you’ve never been and you’re close by…it’s not to be missed. If you’re not, next year’s event should be earmarked on your calendar!

Sweater Dress-I Babaton (old); Boots-Le Chateau (old); Scarf-H&M (old); Jacket-DoubleD Ranch from here.

Have a great day Y’all!




And today I SHOP

For the past few days, I have been following along with The Farmer’s Trophy Wife on her Great Closet Clean Out and yesterday I finally completed the clean out phase. I pulled 3 huge bags full of clothes out of 2 closets, one dresser, and two garment boxes I still hadn’t unloaded since we moved in here (no room). What’s great is I found things I forgot I even had that I still love, but I also sat and wondered who it was that bought some of those things I was tossing out. She was obviously smaller and younger than me :)! After making note of what I have left, today I am ready to head out there and shop for some of my spring wardrobe (I have my inspirational “pictures” packed). I will be checking in over at the Farmer’s Trophy Wife while I’m out there (see the link for her site under Links I love in the right hand column of this blog) because later today she’s putting up the last step–a list of what you need to have in order to have a great basic wardrobe. Thank goodness for the internet on my iPhone! I’ll be following her right along until the end. Till I’m back, here are a few of my inspirational “pictures” for the fun things I want to add in for spring:


Double D Ranch Very Garcia Dress - Spring 2011

Double D Ranch Groupie Girl Tunic - Spring 2011


Old Gringo Newport Boots

Have a great day all! I know I will because today I SHOP! Yipeeeeeee!!!!!!!