Cornucopia Casual

I’m up in Whistler without my good camera to pull off a photo shoot. Normally, I’d just Instagram  (@urbancountrystyle) these moments but I feel like I’ve been cheating on my lil ol’ blog lately, so if you forgive me the iPhone shots I’ll share my Whistler Cornucopia outfit of the day with y’all! (If you’ve never been, Cornucopia is a wine-food-and sometimes vodka 😉 tasting extravaganza about town that runs all this weekend). If you’ve never been and you’re close by…it’s not to be missed. If you’re not, next year’s event should be earmarked on your calendar!

Sweater Dress-I Babaton (old); Boots-Le Chateau (old); Scarf-H&M (old); Jacket-DoubleD Ranch from here.

Have a great day Y’all!




Save or Slurge? A Beautiful Embellished Skirt and Fringed Vest

I’ve decided to start a new Save or Splurge column here on UCS…it’s inspired by all those home decor features in the mags that show you a room filled with beautiful, albeit expensive, furnishings and then features the space side by side with a more budget friendly option for the same look. I love it because it demonstrates how spending a ton of money isn’t always necessary to get a similar look.

First up on Save or Splurge?  This beautiful ensemble…

It’s Double D Ranchwear’s Loom-Beaded Short Skirt and Joya Real Vest. Total Splurge? $942 before taxes and shipping. Now, I have coveted this outfit since I first set eyes on their spring lookbook, but I’ve had to take a step back to consider if these are pieces I will cherish forever (and perhaps be buried in!). Given Double D’s unmatched couture-like quality and timeless appeal, I’m sure these pieces would be LOVED ALWAYS and remain in my closet until I DIE. But my conscience (and the Mr’s voice firmly implanted in the back of my head) told me I had to investigate what the budget friendly alternatives were.

A quick peek on Etsy revealed a multitude of options for the vest. I searched for “turquoise fringed vest” and came up with this, but if’ you don’t have to have turquoise there were many beautiful vintage options starting at $25. Ebay also had many similar items to bid on…and many were STUNNING!

Vintage Fringed Vest-Etsy $73

Vintage Fringed Vest on Ebay Starting Bid $49

And the skirt? Well Express delivered up their Embellished Sequined Skirt  in an Aztec print for $59

It’s also available in a Sequined Snakeskin option

Now, I know these outfits aren’t identical… like I said, Double D’s quality isn’t something that budget friendly brands could ever compete with…but if you want the look at an affordable price without looking like you shopped for it at the dollar store,  I wanted to offer up these as an alternative.

So tell me, would you Save (possibly the whole outfit for under $100) or Splurge on the quality pieces to keep forever?

I’d love to know…