Langstons’ Dingo Boots Giveaway-AND THE WINNER IS…

First, my apologies for taking an extra day to announce the winner. I’ve been hit with a nasty flu virus over here and have just now felt well enough to get back to my computer 😦 

I thank you all for playing and really wish I could give each and every one of you a prize! And I’d like to send out an extra large thank you to Langstons Western Wear for giving one of my readers this wonderful gift!

(Also, if you left comments on the 22nd, you will notice I erased them as the contest closed on the 21st…)

OK, so here goes…

Using, the winner is…



Email me with “Dingo Boots Winner” in the subject line and I’ll get you the details on how to collect your Dingo Boots prize!

And hang in there for more giveaways in the future y’all!




Langstons Lands in Edinburgh Scotland-DINGO BOOTS GIVEAWAY!

Yes, I’m traveling AGAIN...

And thanks to Langston’s Western Wear, I’m doing it in STYLE! They’ve sent me this adorable little Cruel Girl Western Shirt Dress with an Ariat Tooled Leather Belt featuring a filigree buckle

to style with THESE sweet little DINGO Metro 7″ Zipper Harness Boots!

Now, because I believe LITTLE boots are BIG this year AND next…I’m going to style them from now until Friday to give you a few ideas on how to wear them. This is no easy feat while traveling by the way (given I don’t have access to my endless closet and all). But I took this as a challenge to show you that you don’t need a big wardrobe to make THESE work. THEY do all the work for you…trust me!

Sooooooooo, do you LOVE THESE BOOTS as much as ME ?

Yes???!!! Well, YOU CAN WIN A PAIR!!

(And have no fear, MEN can enter too because Langstons has offered up ANY pair of Dingo Boots they carry , either for men or women, as the prize in this giveaway!)

TO WIN Dingo Boots from Langstons all you need to do is follow the instructions below:

1) You must have a US mailing address

2) Head on over to Langstons’ Facebook page , give them a LIKE and tell them “Suzie @UrbanCountryStyle Sent you”, then leave a comment here saying you did = 1 entry

3) Go to @Langstons on Twitter, follow them, then tweet and tell them Suzie @UrbanCntryStyle Sent YOU…and leave a comment here saying you did= 1 entry

4) Follow Langstons on Instagram @langstons and give them a shout out…tell them Suzie @urbancountrystyle sent you… leave a comment here saying you did = 1 entry

5) Share this post on Facebook (copy THIS LINK: ) and leave a comment here saying you did = 1 entry

6) Share this post on Twitter (copy THIS LINK: ) and leave a comment here saying you did = 1 entry

7) Follow Langstons on Pinterest, and leave a comment here saying you did = 1 entry

8) Pin a pic on Pinterest from this post and type in the comments and leave a comment here saying you did= 1 entry

10) Do each/all/some of the above every day Until Oct 21st midnight PST and leave a comment here saying you did for each thing = 1 entry each time!

And last but not least…Langston’s has offered UrbanCountryStyle readers 15% off all orders over $75 from now until Oct. 21st. Just type in coupon code ” urbancountry ” when checking out! 🙂

The winner will be drawn on October 22nd via and announced here!

Good Luck and Stay tuned for more of these amazing Dingo Boots!



Here We Go!!!

So!!!!!  You’ve been so patient with me on this contest thing that it’s about time I explained what’s up, right??? Well…please forgive me as I’m in Scotland and have been awaiting a decent internet connection to make sure this will be uploaded JUST RIGHT. That said, I have one NOW so: HERE WE GO:

What can I win Suzie, you ask?

A DD Ranchwear gift certificate for $200 that you can use towards something like these lovelies, Suzie Says

Well, how doe’s it work,  you ask? Well, first you must enter, Suzie says….

But how do I enter???, you ask.

Well, it’s easy but you must pay attention to the rules, Suzie Says :

1) First you MUST LIKE UrbanCountryStyle on Facebook. If you don’t you can’t play or win (sorry but them’s the rules and if you don’t meet this first one, you can’t participate.)

2) Then between today and next Thursday, just WATCH my Facebook feed for my FLASHFacebookGIVEAWAY message that will say at some point ONCE each day: “Am I the Only One Who Wants to Have Fun Tonight“? Entry Advantage Hint: If you follow me on Twitter you”ll have an advantage because my you’ll also be notified on my Twitter feed of my Facebook posts!!!

3) Be one of the first 20 people to leave a comment UNDER THAT THREAD on Facebook that tells me “you want to have fun” AND WHY??? .Then, I will choose ONE daily winner at random from the  first 20 in the thread for that day (via

4) Plus, I will chose, ANOTHER daily winner (at my discretion) from all the entries on the thread who tell me WHY they want to have fun. So… everybody in the thread (regardless of how many leave the comment) has a chance to win under this criteria as long as you leave the comment within the day the lead is posted.

6) Next Friday I will take all the daily winners and enter them into a draw to win the grand prize…the $200 gift certificate to DD Ranchwear and their fanatabulously beautiful finery!

OK Kids! Back to my own personal science fair…but good luck and I hope y’all have fun with this! I know I’m going to!!! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear why/how you wanna have fun tonight and to pick the winner next week!

I am so excited to get this going…GOOD LUCK Y’ALL!!!



Hey Y’All

So you may have noticed I’m missing Yet AGAIN! Well, I’m off in Scotland at a conference, but I haven’t forgotten about you! Actually, I’ve thought about you all so much on the plane on the way over as I’ve been planning my next giveaway.

Sneak peek: it’s gonna be FUN and it involves my new FlashFacebook contest format. If you missed it last time just post on my wall and ask those who won how easy it was!! I’ll release the details the second I get a hard connection (posting from my phone, as I’m doing now, has it’s limitations). I expect that tomorrow will provide that opportunity, at least it better!

Another sneak peek: I can tell you it involves something wonderful from Double D Ranchwear. But if you don’t LIKE UrbanCountryStyle on Facebook you won’t be able to play. So if you don’t Facebook or haven’t already LIKED us you’re gonna want to get on over and get goin’ on this so you don’t miss the contest!!!

Ok kids, it’s my bedtime. Can’t wait to share the deets with y’all!!!!



P.S no I did not forget about the Christmas Cake. Just got caught up in life, but I promise I’ll get right on that next Wednesday when I’m back.