Cornucopia Casual

I’m up in Whistler without my good camera to pull off a photo shoot. Normally, I’d just Instagram  (@urbancountrystyle) these moments but I feel like I’ve been cheating on my lil ol’ blog lately, so if you forgive me the iPhone shots I’ll share my Whistler Cornucopia outfit of the day with y’all! (If you’ve never been, Cornucopia is a wine-food-and sometimes vodka 😉 tasting extravaganza about town that runs all this weekend). If you’ve never been and you’re close by…it’s not to be missed. If you’re not, next year’s event should be earmarked on your calendar!

Sweater Dress-I Babaton (old); Boots-Le Chateau (old); Scarf-H&M (old); Jacket-DoubleD Ranch from here.

Have a great day Y’all!




RainyDays and SundaysSuzieStyle

Well, the weather outside was frightful yesterday…rain rain rain…not a good day for gardening so I decided to hit the stores to look for my beloved sale items instead. This is one of the looks that made the short list for that adventure. I also had another alternative which I will show you tomorrow…

Black on Black

Cashmere Dress? T Babaton for Aritzia (note: I wore it backwards with the large scoop in front). Denim Shirt? Joe Fresh (from their Spring and Summer 2011 line). Leather Jacket? Le Chateau (old old old). Purse? Nine West (also old). Boots?  Michael Michael Kors Hamilton Riding Boot (can be found here). Large Turquoise and Silver Hoop Necklace? The South Dakota Cowgirl. Pink Rose Pin? Banana Republic (also old…I’m a hoarder, ok?). Silver Bangles? Walmart. Tall black socks that you can barely see because I antiqued the pictures because the effect created the illusion of my pre-Christmas weight? The Bay.

Happy Sunday!!!

Love Y’all!


Horses and Hockey

Last night we headed to a downtown bar to watch the hockey game, or should I say to watch the VancouverCanucks-the-number-one-team-in-the-league hockey game. We also had  tickets to Cirque du Soleil’s Cavalia along with stable passes for afterward. I knew it would be a late night so I happily snapped a couple of pics and uploaded them before I headed out the door, setting them to auto post for this morning…which apparently didn’t happen…kinda like the Vancouver Canucks the number one team in the league didn’t happen last night either. Ooohhh, cheap shot Suzie!

1) Jeans-Levis 2) Shoes-Nine West 3) Shirt-Gap 4) Leather Jacket – Le Chateau 5) Purse-Michael Kors 6) Necklaces-skeleton key and locket Fine Finds and baubbly one courtesy of my Aunt!

Happy Wednesday…what’s left of it! And FYI…Cavalia was fanfreakin’ tastic!



UCS Fashion Week – Friday SuzieStyle

Yes! This is the last day of USC Fashion Week! You must all be so pleased that this is the last day of havin’ to look at me. I know I’m getting tired of seein’ my face on here too ;)!! So next week I’ve decided to do 7 days of food! Yup, I am working on UrbanCountryStyle’s first ever Food Week as we speak. Till then, the Alberta saying “suck it up buttercup” comes to mind as I prepare this last post (I’m talking to myself here). This is the last day after all…

1) Jeans-William Rast; 4) Scarf-Joe Fresh, Spring 2011; 5) Boots-Le Chateau; 6) Coat-Suzie Shier (Note: I don’t think the boots and coat are real Alberta Beef, if you know what I mean ;)) 7) Necklace-my Aunty Lorraine just gave it to me.

Thank God It’s Friday! And thank you Aunty Lorraine for my new jewels!

Stay tuned for UCS Food Week next week!