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Boots and jeans are NOT going away any time SOON…

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Blouse-Thrifted; Jeans-Joe Fresh; Shoes-Nine West; Tomahawk Necklace-Thrifted; Gold Loop Necklace-Fine Finds Yaletown, Vancouver

I’m feeling extra SuzieStyleSmug today! These jeans were bought at my local grocery store…JOE FRESH…for only $29…because SHEERLY we Canadian women can only venture SO FAR for our fashion, eh! And my blouse? It was one of my SHEER genius finds….ok, it was a thrift store find filled with SHEER entertainment…if for nothing other than the SHEER pleasure of  standing in the cashier line with so many young women who were wondering if I was SHEERLY and utterly mad for buying a blouse their Grandma had very likely thrifted. But take a look around ladies…SHEER is here, SHEER floral, SHEER abstract, SHEER geometric…and I got mine via your Grandma’s closet for $1.75…a good deal…for SHEER 😉



81 Poppies in the Snow

Dress-81 Poppies; Vegan Vest-Zara (Spring 2011); Boots-Nine West (old); Purse-Michael Kors; Silver Mantra7 Bracelet- Serendipity’s Back Yard; Silver and Turquoise Bracelet-Mexico

I have been DYING to wear this dress!!! I ordered it from 81 Poppies before we went to Mexico…even had it rush shipped so that it would make it in my suitcase, and then I didn’t end up getting a chance to wear it there. HUGE disappointment! So, I don’t care if there’s still snow on the ground right now because I have waited LONG ENOUGH to wear this beautiful thing, dang it!!!! I’ll simply pop on a fur coat on my way out the door, and if I get cold I’ll stop by the drug store and pick up a pair of tights because I’m not letting a little snow and -5C temps scare me away from this mission! No sir-eeee!!!

Have a great day Y’all!



Peace, Love, and London

I’m headed to London today to hang out with a good friend while Mr. Salmon works [poor guy]. I plan on taking my new camera and stalking the fashionable women on the street. I’m really looking for new Spring pieces, or transitional ways to wear some of my winter looks. I was so fascinated by the street style when I was there in September that I just know I’ll find some great inspiration. Until I can post again, I’ll leave you with one more of my “pictures” I will be trying to find from the Top Shop UK Spring 2011 collection.

This store blew my mind [sorry the 70s have taken over my brain] when I was there a couple of months ago. I just know these overalls will  rock with this pair of Coach shoes I scored last year at Macy’s.

[SuzieShoppingTip: if you are from out-of-state or country Macy’s gives you a 10% off shopping card at customer service that works even on sale items and these shoes were already 25% off so a SeriousSuzieScore they were].

This outfit, minus the headband, is great mix of city and country. Real UrbanCountryStyle, I say.

Even though I will be trying to get a post or two off to you all from London, you can also follow me on Twitter @UrbanCntryStyle for Twitpics from my iPhone.

Have a great day!

Peace :),