Langstons’ Dingo Boot Giveaway Look of the Day-Keepin’ it Simple

Jeans (my closet, similar here); Belt (Ariat from Langstons); Boots (Dingo from Langstons); Jacket-Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply; Bag-TOTeM

What a whirlwind week it has been. We’ve been in London for 2 days, Edinburgh for 3, then 4 nights over on Loch Lomond that included day trips around the Cowal Peninsula to Tighnabruich, Dunoon, and Loch Fyne Oyster Bar. The weather has ranged from glorious hints of sun along with fresh snow at the top of Rest and Be Thankful pass (so named because in the 1880s passengers in 2nd and 3rd class had to get out of the coaches and push the 1st class passengers up the hill) to pouring rain and wind. Throughout it all, cold is the norm and bundling up is necessary.

sheep dotting the hillside at the top of Rest and Be Thankful

Kilchurn Castle in Argyle

Our home away from home on Loch Lomond (Cameron House)

So, with the challenging weather and landscape this outfit has been a variation of my mainstay look for this part of the country (which is thankfully very casual). And these sweet little Dingo boots have been a God send as I’m getting tired of tall boots with jeans on EVERY woman I see  (along with denim shorts and black tights with ballet flats…they are EVERYWHERE) which is always my cue to move on with any new purchases.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have tall boots with me too, but I prefer to wear them with a sweater dress and textured tights. So if you’re wanting to add new boots to your wardrobe, my money is on short boots this year (and an impromptu SuzieSurvey in London tells me THEY are the new direction for boots).

Remember, if you want to WIN A PAIR OF DINGO BOOTS FROM LANGSTONS.COM, scroll down to the previous post and enter using one of the multitude of ways! You still have two more days 🙂 and if you want 15% off your purchases at Langstons until the 21st use the code urbancountry !




Langstons Lands in Edinburgh Scotland-DINGO BOOTS GIVEAWAY!

Yes, I’m traveling AGAIN...

And thanks to Langston’s Western Wear, I’m doing it in STYLE! They’ve sent me this adorable little Cruel Girl Western Shirt Dress with an Ariat Tooled Leather Belt featuring a filigree buckle

to style with THESE sweet little DINGO Metro 7″ Zipper Harness Boots!

Now, because I believe LITTLE boots are BIG this year AND next…I’m going to style them from now until Friday to give you a few ideas on how to wear them. This is no easy feat while traveling by the way (given I don’t have access to my endless closet and all). But I took this as a challenge to show you that you don’t need a big wardrobe to make THESE work. THEY do all the work for you…trust me!

Sooooooooo, do you LOVE THESE BOOTS as much as ME ?

Yes???!!! Well, YOU CAN WIN A PAIR!!

(And have no fear, MEN can enter too because Langstons has offered up ANY pair of Dingo Boots they carry , either for men or women, as the prize in this giveaway!)

TO WIN Dingo Boots from Langstons all you need to do is follow the instructions below:

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The winner will be drawn on October 22nd via and announced here!

Good Luck and Stay tuned for more of these amazing Dingo Boots!



Suzie’s House-Episode Two-The UrbanCountryStyle Office

If you’ve been following along, you know we bought an investment house to live in while we are renovating our main house. You might also recall that it’s a bit of “That 80s Show”, complete with brass door knobs and/or brass builder-grade boob lighting (yes, I said it).  But, other than that, and aside from wanting a couple of new bathrooms, it was only in need of some space-defining, some decor, and a few odd tweaks.

This house had a dedicated office in a large room in the basement, and the guest room was in a small room upstairs. I decided that the flow for all would work better if I switched these rooms around.  The old guest room was handy to the kitchen, ideal for an office and when one needs cookies to snack on while writing or researching. It’s also close enough to hear pots boiling, kettles whistling, etc. So, with that in mind I set out to turn this:

into this:

WARNING: my skeleton Stella is in the next photos

For a couple of reasons, I also wanted to add the perspective from my desk. First, because the window behind the desk is west-facing and the light can be intense in the afternoon, I wanted the light to come in from over my shoulders instead of in my eyes. However, there is a lovely, forest-like outlook through that window and I wanted to enjoy it too. To solve this, a mirror was hung a little higher than the window on the opposite wall in order to allow me to still see out, but hanging it higher does not allow the light directly in my face. Second, the bookshelves were placed along the wall that is shared with the hallway. This is a working office, and placing the books in a pretty manner on the shelves is not practical for me (instead, they are grouped by research area). Just because I love them, I didn’t want everyone walking down the hall to see them. Now when anyone passes by, their quick shot of the room is cohesive with the rest of the house’s decor since my books are tucked around the corner and out of sight. [When we sell the house, they will be boxed, moved, and replaced with pretty objects and decor books.]

Last, what you don’t see in the before picture of this room is that it was a lovely shade of mint green, and the ceiling was dark sage! To update it, and to have it appeal to a broader base of potential buyers when we sell it, this is what we did:

1) we painted the walls the same color as the living room and hall (Home Hardware Beautytone Designer Series paint in a better-than-builder-beige, linen color ($35 on sale), and we painted out the ceiling in a soft white ($60).

2) we removed the original light fixture and replaced it with a new one from Home Depot ($59).

3) we replaced the brass door knob and hinges with brushed nickel hardware (~$50).

4) we layered in our own furniture as well as the additions of the desk (free-a Pottery Barn table one of my son’s co-workers didn’t want), Ikea Billy bookshelves ($50 each), Ikea area carpet ($200), and Ikea drapery ($39).

I think what we ended up with, for under $500, not only reflects our UrbanCountryStyle, but is neutral enough to appeal to others (even with Stella in the room!). I now sit in here happily typing and researching, or just goof off on my blog :). I love that this space is comfortable and quiet; yet, I don’t feel so far removed from the rest of the household. I really hope this encourages you to create your own personal space that reflects your style and inspires you too.

From my house and home to you and yours,




Suzie’s House…Episode One

For the past two and a half years we have been renovating our main house at the beach. Yes, I said two and a half YEARS! Let’s just say that reno makes even the worst Holmes on Homes episode look like it should air on the Disney channel! And that’s all I will say about that house.

BUT, since we had to live somewhere we decided to invest in a house to live in while we were renovating. Something we could put a little money into and hopefully make a little money on, instead of renting the whole time where you definitely lose money [which we did for the first year and a half]. What we ended up buying was a home that was basically “That 80s Show”, but it’s slowly coming around. One of the first rooms I’ve finished is the living room. My apologies for this poor quality “before” photo as it was from the realtor’s original sales brochure, but I think you can get the idea of what I had to work with:

With a little love and the magic erasers of time and hard work, it now looks like this:

When shown the before pictures, I’m often asked what I saw in the house to begin with. Basically, it has location at the top of its list of pluses, and it has great bones [and a new kitchen, a pool, and a great yard]. With some elbow grease, a little money, a few modern updates, and some decorating I believe the rest of the house will be a great too. For example, here is all we had to do in the living room:

1) we removed the mirrors and oak trim from the walls on either side of the fireplace and had a contractor replace them with drywall [~$1000];

2) we had the brass-trimmed, gas fireplace insert removed and a WETT certified inspector assess what needed to be done to turn it back in to a wood burning unit. The repairs were then carried out by a professional [inspection $250, repairs ~$500];

3) Next, we painted out the mint green walls (yup, mint green!) ourselves in a linen color and freshened up the trim [paint cost $70-I use Home Hardware’s Beauty Tone Designer Series because it covers better than the more expensive brands I used to buy. I simply have them computer match the color to whatever/whoever’s paint I want];

4) After that, our own furniture was arranged in a way to make this large living room function well but feel cozy at the same time;

5) Lamps were added to augment the lighting in areas that had appeared dark due to the new furniture placement [on a sofa table behind the sofa and one in a darker corner of the room].

I still need to find drapery, but for under $2000 we now have a cozy room that mirrors our UrbanCountryStyle and a real fire to cuddle up by in the evening. In flip dollars, for what we’ve accomplished, I think it was money well spent.

Now my next project is the downstairs family room:

Yes, the walls are Salmon colored…not funny at all, trust me! Ideas anyone?

From my house and home to you and yours,



UrbanCountryStyle is Going Green

I am longing for spring; thus, the inspiration for today’s table. Probably doesn’t hurt that I’m also craving a great rack of lamb…a food I think is tailor-made for this setting [with the mint sauce and all that would accompany it]


In the end, I think the look is clear, clean, green, and spring lamb like, no??

Oh, and one LazySuzieStyle tip I worked out while shopping my house: I didn’t have napkin rings so I improvised and used bracelets that my  nephew gave me for Christmas. I will wear them, but I thought this was “convenient” to do first [can you imagine how amazing this would look with turquoise bracelets?].

Last, I should give kudos to an amazing little store in Ladysmith BC called “Black Door Decor” [] for having those great Celadon napkins of the finest damask in their inventory. I love it when serious style dares to overtake a small town and recognizes that small town people have style too. Wish more merchants knew that!

From my house and home to you and yours,