Langstons’ Dingo Boot Giveaway Look of the Day-Keepin’ it Simple

Jeans (my closet, similar here); Belt (Ariat from Langstons); Boots (Dingo from Langstons); Jacket-Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply; Bag-TOTeM

What a whirlwind week it has been. We’ve been in London for 2 days, Edinburgh for 3, then 4 nights over on Loch Lomond that included day trips around the Cowal Peninsula to Tighnabruich, Dunoon, and Loch Fyne Oyster Bar. The weather has ranged from glorious hints of sun along with fresh snow at the top of Rest and Be Thankful pass (so named because in the 1880s passengers in 2nd and 3rd class had to get out of the coaches and push the 1st class passengers up the hill) to pouring rain and wind. Throughout it all, cold is the norm and bundling up is necessary.

sheep dotting the hillside at the top of Rest and Be Thankful

Kilchurn Castle in Argyle

Our home away from home on Loch Lomond (Cameron House)

So, with the challenging weather and landscape this outfit has been a variation of my mainstay look for this part of the country (which is thankfully very casual). And these sweet little Dingo boots have been a God send as I’m getting tired of tall boots with jeans on EVERY woman I see  (along with denim shorts and black tights with ballet flats…they are EVERYWHERE) which is always my cue to move on with any new purchases.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have tall boots with me too, but I prefer to wear them with a sweater dress and textured tights. So if you’re wanting to add new boots to your wardrobe, my money is on short boots this year (and an impromptu SuzieSurvey in London tells me THEY are the new direction for boots).

Remember, if you want to WIN A PAIR OF DINGO BOOTS FROM LANGSTONS.COM, scroll down to the previous post and enter using one of the multitude of ways! You still have two more days 🙂 and if you want 15% off your purchases at Langstons until the 21st use the code urbancountry !




Boots Week – Little Red Boots

Boots-Ariat; Dress-Thrifted; Shirt-Rough Stock; Purse-Nine West



BootsWeek – Little Plaid Dress



Boots- Geoxx (old); LPDress-Somewhere in Paris last summer; Jacket-Tristan (old);  Purse-Thrifted



She Put Me on a Budget!!!!

Yes…it’s the dreaded B-word!!! And YES SHE DID!!! And believe it or not, I’m so excited about this [yes it’s me, Suzie, writing this…no alien has taken over my brain 🙂 ]. Read on…

You see, the fabulous Cathryn from The Farmer’s Trophy Wife has gathered together a panel of four western fashion bloggers [and she included ‘lil ol’ me!!!!] to come up with fashions for each season, complete with creating an inspiration board through to revealing our picks of what we would choose to fill that order. We’ve also been instructed to note where you can find the items to aid you if you choose to go looking for them! AND GET THIS…I only get $300 for three months worth of spring fashion!!!!! [I had to read that part of her email a few times before THAT sunk in!]. That’s $100 a month…I KNOW…Kah-raizzzzzy! That’s coffee money, or the nail budget, or my weekly monthly wine total! But y’all know how I love a good challenge [that and you know there isn’t a competitive bone in my body, right…lol].

Well, someone say GO because I’ve already chosen my pics for the Spring season AND stayed within budget [do NOT tell my Mr. this is possible]. I’ve even gone and bought some of the pieces already [y’all know I take my job seriously, right?] so that I could test for Suzie-approved quality and style on a non-model body!!! Once Cathryn reveals my picks, I’ll post some of the outfits to prove the point.

So head on over to The Farmer’s Trophy Wife and meet the panel of lovely ladies who’s company I am proud to be in the presence of: Danielle from Pinup Chronicles, Brandy from Cashmere and Camo, and of course my goddess of western blogging The Farmer’s Trophy Wife herself! She’s posted a short intro on each of us today, and throughout this week our inspiration boards will be added to give you an idea of the directions we are heading. After that, follow along with her as she reveals our picks and where you can buy them! I’ll give you the head’s up when I’m putting together my outfits over here after that!

Sooooo, Let the Games Begin 😉 !