Falling Down or Rising Up?

Top: Denim-Current and Elliott; Cashmere Pullover-Lord and Taylor; Blouse-Jones New York; Necklace-Designs by Shelagh; Purse-Michael Kors; Shoes-Christian Louboutin…Outside shots…Shoes-Zara; Necklace-thrifted; Scarf-street vendor in Venice

I know, I should have gotten back into blogging about a week and a half ago. But coming off an intense few weeks of studying, my brain needed a creative break. That, and I had previously decided I wanted to make some serious changes around here and wasn’t quite sure how I was going to introduce y’all to a new and improved version of UrbanCountryStyle.

Sooooo while it appears I was falling down on this blogging job, I’ve actually been planning a BIG and brave Fall expansion of the site. We’re talking HUGE!

Here’s the PLAN: Starting in September, you’re going to begin to meet the UrbanCountryStyle family. The new campaign “We Are The Salmons”  will feature fashion, food, travel, all the same stuff but with a lot of new faces (women, men, and kids!)… and more interesting shoot locations!

First up will be my beautiful niece BRANDY ELIZABETH! I’m so excited about the changes and the creative options this allows UCS that I can’t wait to share…so subscribe to the blog up there in the right hand corner and you’ll be the first to know when we relaunch. And don’t worry, you’ll still see me on here, but I’m sure by now you’re as ready for a change as I am!

AND, if you want some behind the scenes sneak peeks at what we’re doing when we’re doing it just follow along on Facebook, Instagram (@urbancountrystyle) or Twitter @UrbanCntryStyle .

Oh, I almost forgot…the post pics are a big indication of where I’m personally headed for Fall. Burnt Orange…Boyfriends…heels…cashmere…color…softness…comfort…suziestyle!

That’s my life folks…constant motion so I hope y’all are ready for the ride!




6 thoughts on “Falling Down or Rising Up?

    • Weekend Cowgirl, I got a few emails from readers asking me not to change. I’m still going to implement some, because I want the blog to stay fresh, but it will be happening a little slower than initially planned. Can’t wait to hear what you think when change does happen 🙂

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